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Flooring Wooden Floor


Whether you need a new garage to be built or an add-on to an existing structure, R & R Remodeling and Construction has the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide the best possible solution for your enjoyment. We thoroughly inspect the existing structure to ensure the building was constructed according to the plans. We will then design the enclosure, integrating it flawlessly into your home. We utilize the latest and highest quality materials for the new floor, walls, windows, ceiling, roof, and foundations. Furthermore, we ensure the room has the required air conditioning facilities and utilities. All the materials are installed by experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen.

Applying Cement on Wall


We always strive to maintain our professional standards as we recognize our responsibility to you. That is why we are fully licensed and insured.

With over 15+ years of experience. We are proud to be one of the most qualified & top rated remodeling companies the in Central Texas area. 

Floor Adhesive for Tiling


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