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How To Make Your Bathroom Guest-Friendly

Most guest bathrooms in homes are built to home builder standards and are going to feature basic amenities since they aren’t used as much as a master bathroom. To make your guest bathroom more guest-friendly, you can have a professional Waco, Texas renovation company such as R&R Remodeling & Construction help upgrade your restroom. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common remodeling projects you can do to make your bathroom more guest-friendly.

How To Make Your Bathroom Guest-Friendly
How To Make Your Bathroom Guest-Friendly

Consider A Shower To Tub Conversion

While a tub to shower conversion is one of the most popular upgrades for bathrooms, a shower to tub conversion may be more practical for those who need to bathe kids or who want a place to sit and soak. This can come in the form of a standard porcelain tub or a more advanced walk-in tub. These are great for guest bathrooms as they provide versatility for any guest, young or old.

Install An Upgraded Vanity

Nothing is worse than stepping into a bathroom with no storage space. Bathrooms need places to store extra toiletries, towels, medicine, and cleaning supplies to keep the bathroom maintained no matter who is staying in it. Having a vanity installed not only helps add great aesthetics, but it can also provide storage and space for your guests to layout any clothes, toiletries, and personal items they may need during their stay.

Upgrade Worn Out Fixtures

With guest bathrooms not being used as much as other bathrooms in the house, worn-out fixtures can get overlooked. This can provide not only an unsanitary but a frustrating experience for guests who have to try to work with worn-out fixtures. This is one of the cheapest fixes that can make a world of a difference in any bathroom while providing your guest bathroom with better functionality. Consider upgrading to easy-to-use fixtures that any guest will be able to figure out.

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